A cultural exchange: Notre Dame’s Glee Club visits Mexico

The University of Notre Dame’s Glee Club spent ten days in Mexico as part of its first international tour since the pandemic. Twenty five members of the Glee Club visited three cities to perform concerts including Puebla, San Miguel de Allende, and Mexico City. Timothy Jacklich, a former co-president of...
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Puebla student reflection: The children of Artur Martorell

Drew Morgan is junior at the University of Notre Dame, studying English and Spanish, as well as a minoring in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). During his semester abroad in Puebla, Mexico, he had the opportunity to volunteer at a local elementary school. He worked in a...

NDI features stories of women who empower in the world of sustainability

"Sustainability is a way of understanding the world, recognizing the role each one of us plays in it as a part of an interconnected and complex web of societies, economies, and ecosystems," says Sofía Del Valle, a 2019 master of global affairs graduate in the Keough School of Global Affairs…
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Puebla alumni series: Cindy Emenalo ‘21

Cindy Emenalo graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2021 with a major in Preprofessional studies and Spanish. While at Notre Dame, Emenalo studied abroad in Puebla during the fall of 2019. She also was part of the Kellogg International Scholars Program and a member of the Senior Fellows...
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Puebla alumni series: Three strangers become lifelong friends

Alexa Stachowski '19, Nicole Waddick '19, and Ilianna Almada '19 studied abroad in Puebla, Mexico during the spring 2018. Their time in Puebla was life-changing primarily because of the people they met. They write about their experiences abroad and how three strangers ended up in Mexico and found a community unlike any other.…
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Puebla alumni series: Holly Pavlick McIver ‘06

Holly Pavlick McIver participated in the Puebla, Mexico study abroad program in 2004 during the fall semester and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2006. She went on to attend The University of Texas School of Dentistry for dental school and an orthodonic residency program and graduated with a...
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A Passion for Development

Acompañar. The Spanish word for “accompaniment” has come to define International Scholar Emily Meara 21’s involvement with the Kellogg Institute for International Studies. In the United States, “accompaniment” typically refers to a musical arrangement. But in Spanish, it’s more often used to mean working closely with or helping someone.…
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Puebla alumni series: Matthew Metzinger ‘15

Matthew Metzinger participated in the Puebla, Mexico study abroad program during the 2013 fall semester and graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2015. He went on to attend the University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences and graduated with an MD in 2019. Dr. Metzinger is currently...
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Puebla alumni series: Megan Finneran ‘13

Megan Finneran is a 2013 Notre Dame graduate who majored in pre-professional studies and Spanish. She received her masters in global health from Notre Dame. Finneran is currently in her third year of a neurosurgery residency at BroMenn Medical Center in Bloomington, IL. She reflects on her time abroad in...
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Notre Dame students participate in virtual internships in Mexico

Mary Zakowski participated in the vGPE program in the Huejotzingo province. Anne Plecki is currently a senior and is double-majoring in English and Spanish. She recently completed the Virtual Global Professional Experience (VGPE) program during the winter break at the Mexico City Global Center. She writes about the new program and highlights the experience of two...
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Puebla alumni series: Mitch Day ‘12

Day is pictured with a fellow student before their first "rotation." Mitch Day is a 2012 Notre Dame graduate and majored in science pre-professional studies and Latino studies. Day writes about his time in Puebla and how it influences his work as a medical officer for both the Navy and Marines.…
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A Semester, Interrupted: International Student Stories

As the pandemic first exploded in the United States in early spring, international students had to make a tough call: Should they find a way to stay on campus or return to their home countries to wait for the situation to resolve itself? The crisis intensified in many locations across...
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Puebla alumni series: Jesse Hernandez ‘11

Hernandez is pictured in Puebla at a local hospital during his time abroad. Jesse Hernandez is a 2011 Notre Dame graduate and majored in Arts & Letters pre-professional studies and psychology. Hernandez writes about his time in Puebla and how it led to a career in medicine.…
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Puebla alumni series: Mary Asala '05

Mary Asala (Heydweiller) is a 2005 Notre Dame graduate and majored in Spanish and Italian. She currently lives in Albany, New York as an immigration paralegal and has three daughters. Asala writes about her time abroad in Puebla as an undergraduate student and how it helped her become a more...

Puebla alumni series: Mike Spencer '05

Spencer is pictured with his wife & kids at Clifty Falls State Park, Madison, IN – July 2020 Mike Spencer is a 2005 graduate from Notre Dame, majoring in Mathematics. Currently, he works as a senior marketing specialist in pricing for Cummins Inc, an engine and generator manufacturer based in...
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Study abroad students reflect on their time in Puebla

In spring 2020, students returned home from Puebla early due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. They reflect on how the experience, though short, impacted their lives. Originally published by Colleen Wilcox…
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Meet Jaime Signoracci: NDI's travel security and risk management expert

In June 2014, a plane landed hard at the Kabul International Airport. It was after dark and the flight crew needed medical attention. The plane suffered damage, so the crew needed to stay overnight in Kabul until another aircraft could be flown in. Jaime Signoracci, who was only in her...
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Notre Dame, international since the beginning

Since its inception, the University of Notre Dame has been a global school.  It was founded by a French priest and brothers in 1842 with money raised in Europe, and as soon as 1850 was enrolling international students.  In the decades that followed, more than 100 students would come to...
Notre Dame Award 2018 Feature

Mothers of Mexico’s missing accept 2018 Notre Dame Award

A grassroots group of mothers searching for their missing loved ones in Mexico’s Gulf state of Veracruz received the 2018 Notre Dame Award Tuesday for their tireless work on behalf of victims of drug violence and dedication to seeking truth.

Students experience life, culture in Mexico City Pilgrimage

10:00 AM Students explored the National Museum of Anthropology. It's the largest and most visited museum in Mexico. It contains significant archaeological and anthropological artifacts from Mexico's pre-Columbian heritage, such as the Stone of the Sun and the Aztec Xochipilli statue.…

A stellar partnership

A collaboration between the University of Notre Dame and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile has faculty and students alike seeing stars.