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In 1850, the first international student traveled from Mexico to attend the University of Notre Dame. In the years after, so many Mexican students followed that the University leased its own train car, named the “Zahm Special” rail car in honor of Father Zahm’s recruitment efforts, to pick up and drop off students as far south as Chihuahua.

Still today, Mexican students make critical contributions to enrich and diversify the campus. We're at work recruiting both undergraduates and high school students to attend our summer programs. But now the time has come to focus on bringing Notre Dame to Mexico. We are sending our faculty, our students, our ideas, our research, to the Mexico City Global Center where they can work with like-minded partners who share our values and goals. Together, we are tackling the issues of today and of tomorrow.

In the years ahead, research opportunities, grants, faculty exchanges, and summer internships will increase thanks to the network of partners we've already established and for the many yet to come. 

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The Mexico City Global Center is part of the University of Notre Dame’s global network. Notre Dame International oversees Global Gateways centered in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome. The Gateways create unique opportunities for Notre Dame to engage the world and the world to engage Notre Dame through scholarly collaboration, undergraduate and graduate study, as well as cooperative programs with governments, foundations, corporations, alumni, parents, and friends of the University.

NDI also leads six Global Centers located in Santiago, São Paulo, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Mumbai, and at Kylemore Abbey in western Ireland. A simpler infrastructure, the Global Centers focus on a more defined geographical area to facilitate academic and cultural programming and exchanges.